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MSU Flooring & Carpet Corp was established in 2020, and all the contractors have one goal – to provide residential and commercial customers in Buffalo, NY with an exceptional flooring service! Simple, easy, and to the point! No dilly-dallying is required, and not much effort from your other than a quick phone call to let us know your locations and needs! Soon you will marvel at a floor installed by contractors with over 15 years of dedication and experience in the industry!

Flooring Service

Flooring Service

All About the Perfect Floor

Working in the industry of providing excellent commercial and residential flooring, we can’t help but be anything less than perfect. It wouldn’t serve us right or the customers who trust us with their properties. We want that excellent appearance on the interior of every property, and every step we take will be monitored and consolidated with you so you’ll be in the know the entire time and fully prepared for that impeccable result!

Values to Match Yours 

If our values don’t match those our customers expect, which include respect, perfection, and timely results – we have no business offering our flooring service! But we’ve made it our life’s work to match everyone’s values and provide that excellence and that lasting bond that we rush to form straight from the beginning! We want everything to be top-notch!

Call MSU Flooring & Carpet Corp at (716) 265-3812 and request our commercial or residential flooring, depending on what sort of property you own in Buffalo, NY! Know one thing – you will be getting the perfection you deserve and will marvel at exceptional floors in no time! The sooner we know when you’re available to open the doors to your property to us, the sooner we can get down to business and get you the floors you desire!

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